Our team of artists is lead by two extraordinary individuals: Robyn K. Mizelle and Joshi Prina.


Both Robyn and Joshi have spent years in other countries, shooting, editing, producing superb photography and awesome video for a number of different entities. 

They each possess more than 17 years experience in Film, Editing, Photography, & Art.

RkM Art LLC not only provides visual art services, we now also provide Event Planning Services through our Creative Services Division. 

Please e-mail us for more details on Event Planning.


Our Mission is simple: to Art the World, One Beat at a time. 

We love creating and we've taken our years of experience and put them into action for others.


We create web sites, web designs, flyers, posters, logos, snap chat filters, AD design and more. 

We produce long and short film. 

We capture art through photography, and

We play live music and bring bands to you. 

We also provide Event Planning Services through our Creative Services Division. 




Managing Partner/C.E.O.

Design Lead Partner


Always having had an artistic eye, years of exploring rural areas of Micronesia, South Korea and Japan fostered a new creative spirit in Robyn. Her experiences propelled an idea into reality in creating an international Art producing company. 

From traveling more of the commonly unheard of areas, ignited a spark of creativity she was previously unaware of; she began painting. After expanding her talents she painted in Live Art Shows around Tochigi and Tokyo prefectures, as well as, playing live music with her bands, Solmaciti and Digda. 

Piano playing is how her music journey began, since she's learned to play the drums, cajón, bongos, congas, steel drum and a little guitar.

Upon her return to the USA, she has furthered her Photog/Editing, Graphic & Web Design crafts by working for news stations, sports networks and international television networks. 

Her job now is to bring cost friendly, appeasing art to the masses via her band, her lens, or her designs. 

Fearless trailblazing traveler, Prina Raj Joshi is also a TV Journalist and Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker. He's actively been working in the field for the last 18 years.


He's an extraordinary artisan, graphic designer and photog with a technical mind in all facets of documentary production, from theme selection to field planning, directing and developing creative, relevant and compelling audiovisual works.


Living in Nepal provided Prina with a unique experience in nature photography and filmmaking in glorious down to earth natural settings. 


He brings his experience in producing more than twenty video documentaries and around 250 episodes of weekly documentary-based television programs for Nepal Television (NTV) to the USA. 

He is passionate about his artistry and like any good artist, dabbles in more than one field. Not only is he an accomplished Filmmaker, he's also an excellent photography, designer and drummer.





Photos of the Photogs

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